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Whether you're a business owner, bride and groom, or someone looking for a good gift, the need and desire to relate things to people visually proves extremely important. Our goal at Birdzeye Media is to create visuals that inspire by bringing your moments and message to life. We believe great vision and memorable moments are something to be shared with the world. We believe YOUR vision should be one of them.




Our level of professionalism and personal touch is trusted to deliver high quality products and services to local businesses and clients. To accomplish your important projects we use only the best industry standard cameras, audio equipment, and editing software. We sincerely hope to add you to our list of satisfied customers!



          My name is Abbey Brick. I'm an artist at heart, and my artistic heart drives my passion to make each experience one of distinction.  

I grew up singing and writing songs, spending time in the Performing Arts, and capturing life in many forms. Each passion has inspired my creative side and showed me life through various lenses. As a result, I have found video to be one of the greatest lenses to share that creativity.

** I am a certified Media Specialist and for aerial work, I have my Remote Pilot License with the DOT/FAA. 


         For many years 

I had the same long-term goal----to run my own media business. So, after receiving my Associates,

I went on to pursue my certificate as a "Media Specialist". Within a year, Birdzeye Media was born and has been growing exponentially for the past 7 years!

My goal at Birdzeye is to help people see the world from a grand and quality vantage point through the lens of media. 


          My wonderful husband, Malachi, has been a great part of the company's success by assisting as my Marketing Director and providing unending support.

In March of 2015 we welcomed our first child into the Brick family and November of 2017 our second child was born! We have been enjoying the fun and growth that comes with being parents :-) Together, we currently live and work in Rockford, IL and believe in bettering our surrounding area.

Our Team
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